Meet our Team


Clare Jackson

Clare is passionate about cheese; a particular favourite is soft, crumbly Cornish Yarg, and oozing Baron Bigod. She also loves the taste of Morbier from France, with the amazing layer of ash running through the middle.   

Clare has been visiting Suffolk since childhood and recently moved to just outside Woodbridge with her husband and three boys. They love the Suffolk coast, the beaches, sailing and crabbing. They are enjoying exploring local places to eat and have had brilliant meals at The Ufford Crown, The Unruly Pig and The Table in Woodbridge.

An accountant by training, Clare has focussed on bringing up her boys over the last few years but now they are a bit older she is looking forward to running Lawson’s.

Clare hasn't drunk coffee for years but enjoys gallons of English breakfast tea and peppermint tea every day. If Clare could choose her last meal it would be a classic afternoon tea with lots of jam, cream and of course tea!

Nico de Villiers

Nico de Villiers

Nico is our shop manager.  He has been part of our team since 2001, before which he worked on the other side of Aldeburgh High Street at Munchies.

Nico left the country of his birth, South Africa, over 20 years ago.  Ask him about South African cheese and he'll tell you about Dutch Gouda.

Nico organises the buying of products for Lawson's so you should tell him what you like.  He is keen on our locally produced artisan foods and also has a strong interest in European foods from Italy and Spain. He is already into post Brexit planning - will changes in the law allow us to dispense our own extra virgin olive oils?


Kim Churchyard

Kim is Lawson's chef and is at the heart of our business. 

Quiet and tucked away in the back in the shop the best way to get to know Kim is to try her soup, prepared meals or indulge in a portion of her bread and butter pudding.  One of her specialities is our cooked ham, roasted in a Lawson's signature glaze.  Not quite as secret as the Coca Cola recipe but not far off!

Kim has worked at Lawson's for over 10 years and before that had her own business making cakes for farm shops and other local outlets.

Food is a theme in all parts of Kim's life - her pets are sausage dogs.

Ash Brooks

Ash Brooks

Ash is our chief barista, fuelling Aldeburgh with great coffee. Ash has been passionate about coffee since he was at school and used to walk miles across town so he could spend his bus fare on a decent cup!

His personal coffee of choice is a proper espresso and having completed the Monmouth Coffee's barista training he can make it to perfection!

Ash also loves good cheese and says Montgomery Cheddar is his favourite. His favourite place to eat in Aldeburgh is the Thai food at DP's Bar just a stroll down the High Street and his dream meal would be a barbecue on the beach with all his friends.

At home he's kept busy by a dog and three cats.

Tina Robinson

Tina has worked at Lawson's for 13 years and describes herself as a sales assistant.  Anyone who has visited Lawson's knows that Tina is much more than that!  She is a font of stories, humour and knowledge.  She is well known by all our regular customers, and visitors benefit from all her deep local knowledge.

Tina knows her cheeses and encourages customers to explore our range of local and international cheeses.  Her favourites are Shipcord and Sharpham's.  It is no surprise that Tina has worked in the catering sector as well as at Lawson's but would you have guessed that she was the personal assistant to the Archdeacon of Suffolk?

John Ormerod

John is a novice in the food and retail sectors, other than as a customer and enthusiast for cheese.  For John, Lawson's is the start of a third career.  After 30 years working for accounting firms and 12 years working with a variety of companies, John is excited to be learning a new business and working with his daughter Clare.

John and his wife Pamela have been coming to  Suffolk for over 30 years.  With eight grandsons and now one granddaughter as regular visitors, life in Walberswick is rarely quiet.  


Jonathan Piers-Hall

Jonathan, known as Jonj, works at Lawson's part time.  You will see him serving in the shop as well as helping Nico ‘keep the show on the road.’  That is when he is not indulging his interest in fast cars. 

Jonj has had his own businesses – gastro pubs and a wine bar.  He now balances his time between catering work and looking after his two children.  Jonj spent his early years in the Périgord region of France.  He is well placed to cater for any French visitors.