Our shop

Lawson's Delicatessen is a food lovers' heaven in the popular coastal town of Aldeburgh in Suffolk. Our shop is crammed with delicious food and drinks including artisan cheese, charcuterie, olives, and chutneys.

We are delighted to showcase some amazing Suffolk produce including Pump Street Bakery's bread and chocolate; smoked fish from Pinney's of Orford; and delicious apple juice from High House Fruit Farm.  

Read on for details of our range and some of our suppliers.

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We have a carefully curated and cared for selection of cheese with a passion for British artisan cheese. You'll find all the classics like Montgomery Cheddar, Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Cornish Yarg and Lincolnshire Poacher. We also profile small cheesemakers like Village Maid producers of Wigmore, Waterloo and Spenwood.

We're particularly interested in celebrating artisan cheese produced in East Anglia including Fen Farm Dairy's Baron Bigod; Mrs Temple's cheeses from North Norfolk; and Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses' Suffolk Gold and Suffolk Blue.

We love to share our enthusiasm for cheese with you so do come and explore our range, sample some cheese, or get some suggestions for putting together the perfect cheeseboard.


Lawson's Prepared Meals

Our range of delicious prepared meals available to choose in the shop or order in advance.  Hearty meals to warm the whole family.  The selection in shop varies depending on availability.  If you would like a particular dish, please place an order giving 48 hours’ notice.  We are happy to fill your own dishes with our food.   


Pump Street Bakery's Bread and Pastries

Pump Street Bakery in Orford, just a few miles away by river, is renowned for their artisan sourdough breads, and classic farmhouse loaves as well as their renowned Eccles cakes, bears' claws and incredible croissants. 

Pump Street supply just a few local shops with their bread and pastries and we're pleased to be one of them. 

Bread is available from us Wednesday - Saturday (the bakery is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). The bread tends to fly off the shelf so if you have specific request do call in, email or phone to place an order.

Monmouth Coffee.jpeg

Monmouth Coffee

Amongst coffee aficionados Monmouth Coffee is recognised as setting the benchmark for coffee roasting in this country. When we decided to serve coffee to take-away and beans to use at home we naturally turned to Monmouth.

Founded in 1978 on Monmouth Street in Covent Garden, the coffee was originally roasted in the basement of the small shop. Now beans directly sourced from farms and cooperatives are roast in dedicated premises in Bermondsey.

Our team have been on a barista training at Monmouth so we can serve your coffee at its very best. We can also sell you beans, freshly ground to your specification, to use at home.


High House Fruit Farm

Set in the remote Suffolk countryside between Aldburgh and Orford, Piers and Suvi McCreadie's family have been farming here for over 50 years. We're lucky to supply their produce in season including asparagus, rhubarb and delicious raspberries, strawberries and other soft fruit in the summer months.

From August each year their apple crop comes in with delicious Discoveries leading into Cox, Russet, James Grieve, Worcester, Blenheim Orange, Charles Ross, Ribston Pippin and Bramley in the autumn.

They also produce stunning apple juices which we stock all year round.



Our new range of charcuterie includes rustic dry-cured pork Saucisson mainly from Lugdunum near Lyon.  A truly classic French food, these flavoured Saucisson are delicious thinly sliced as part of platter, served with some hard cheese and a full-bodied red wine.  They are equally good when added to pasta sauce or paella.  The Saucisson are available in a range of delicious flavours including wild boar, ceps, black pepper and roquefort.  We also have some mini "buchettes", artisan pepperami, a perfect snack to nibble on the go!