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Cheese is an essential part of Christmas feasting. Order all the Christmas classics including Cropwell Bishop Stilton and Vacherin Mont D'Or.

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We have hand-picked some favourite Christmas cheeses for you to order in advance and collect from our shops in Aldeburgh or Southwold (opening 25th November).

Cropwell Bishop Stilton

A traditional, hand-ladled Nottinghamshire Blue Stilton made with animal rennet.  Smooth, creamy and open-textured, this cheese is buttery and complex with a slightly spicy long finish. 
Cows milk, Animal rennet

Vacherin Mont D’Or

A truly seasonal cheese, only available in winter. Vacherin is made with the rich, unpasteurised milk from cows who graze in luscious summer alpine pastures.  It has a melting, voluptuous texture.  Locally it's scooped straight from the box, though you may be more familiar with it baked.  This brings out its full flavour and velvety texture.
Cows milk, Animal rennet

Suffolk Gold

A semi-hard cheese, not unlike Cheddar, though a little softer.  Made by the Salisbury family at Creeting St Mary in Suffolk using milk from their own Guernsey herd. It has a creamy, buttery flavour and rich golden colour thanks to the quality Guernsey milk used.  
Pasteurised cows milk, vegetable rennet

East Anglian Cheese Tray

A hand-picked selection of four cheeses from the East Anglian region (approx 250g each).  Our local cheeses include Shipcord, Suffolk Gold, Baron Bigod, St Jude, Norfolk Mardler, Mrs Temple's Binham Blue, and Norfolk White Lady.  The cheese selection is accompanied by a small pot of our Suffolk Christmas Chutney made to our own recipe, well matured and full of seasonal flavours.


  • Cropwell Bishop Mini Stilton (Whole 3kg) £65.00
  • Cropwell Bishop Mini Stilton (Half 1.5kg) £35.00
  • Vacherin Mont D'Or (400g)  £12.50
  • Suffolk Gold Truckle  (700g) £17.50
  • East Anglian Cheese Tray (four cheeses approx 250g each) - £35.00